Foursomes Results

 Zone 5 Foursomes Finals - Royal Colwood
Championship Flight
Winner - Sheila Mitchell and Susan Dafoe - OV
Runner Up - Jaan Scheel and Silvia Bennetts - CH
Consolation Flight
Winner - Berne Neufeld and Michelle Cooper - VGC
Runner up - Catia Evans and Teresa Wong - OV/CH
1st Flight
Winner - Anna Rutgers and Chris Henning - UPL/CB
Runner Up - Linda Grisley and Elaine Manz - AR
2nd Flight
Winner - Cyndi Powers and Kay Defries - AR
Runner Up - Deni Hilton-Wyatt and Connie Thompson - CB
3rd Flight
Winner - Cathy Brown and Ellen Merriam - CGC
Runner Up - Janet Labh and Anne Hartlen - CH
4th Flight
Winner - Cheryl Meadmore and Theresa Aldred - CB
Runner Up - Rose Johnson and Leeanne Kim - RC
5th Flight
Winner - Kerrylee Nessman and Kate Bes - BMT
Runner Up - Ginny Storey and Marilyn Lowry - CB
6th Flight
Winner - Sandra Brooks and Marion Achurch - CGC
Runner Up - Susan Barclay and Carol Talley - CB
7th Flight
Winner - Melinda Spoor and Doreen White - CGC
Runner Up - Katheryn Atchison and Pat Benson - AR